Acid Drenched Garden of Earthly Delights

Lead by Joseph Byrd, The United States of America were an experimental, psychedelic rock band, mixing avant garde composition with a radical take on progressive music making. The form they take is varied, shape shifting,  juggling musical styles and instrument combinations. No guitar solos here, primitive synthesizers whine, bleep and drone in a tripped out state, then fizzle out to be met by lush strings and echoed vocals. All this is lush listening but there is also a note of social comment throughout the music, it’s like an episode of the Simpsons or Frank Zappa, holding up a mirror to American society. Heavy vibes, sampled sounds, dreamscapes and political comment on just one record. Sadly The United States of America disbanded after bad sales and problems with touring their excessive sound.

Hear their messed up brilliance on our podcast – Episode 20 Brave New World

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