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Medicine Man from the Land of the Rising Sun

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Room with a MU

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Episode 63 – Home Spun Sessions: Orchestra Elastique

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Devil’s Rumble

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Having the balls to be Hugo Ball.

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The Loop Digga

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Morgan’s Miniature Masterpiece

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Shut Up! I Hate You. It’s Monk Time

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Gimme that Commodity Meat

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Watermelons and Gypsy Vacuum Cleaners

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Shake a Tail Feather

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Gung-ho grit on the Sausage Machine

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The Girl with the Golden Stockings

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The Monkey Does Harmonies

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Tutus Too Much for Psyche Rock

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Acid Drenched Garden of Earthly Delights

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Bootlegging, Brawling and Banjos.

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Big Foot Stole My Car

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Sex at Your Parents’ House

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Storms, trains, hi-fidelity and infidelity

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Silver Apples of the Moon

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Raymond Scott – Jazz and Lab Coats

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Masked – Anonymity is Ours

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The Viking of 6th Avenue

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Son house – death letters and cat shaving

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Roky Erickson

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Neon Park, a light in the dark

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Coltrane on the brain

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