Big Foot Stole My Car

Dallas born, classically trained musician Mark Griffin, becomes the rapper MC 900ft Jesus, an experimental Hip Hop artist with an abundant wit and a natural flair for story telling. The name comes from a vision that the televangelist preacher Oral Roberts had of a 900ft Jesus who commended him to build a new hospital. Mc 900ft Jesus teamed up with DJ Zero to produce the rather excellent ‘Hell With the Lid Off’, which included the cult classic ‘Truth Is Out Of Style’. A great showman, as part of his live show Griffin would appear on stage in a straight jacket and as a finale he’d throw fake dollar bills over the audience.

The follow up release ‘Welcome To My Dream’ included the excellent ‘The City Sleeps’. Sadly Mark soon became disillusioned with the music industry and handed in the towel, I am one that would welcome his return.

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