Bold as Brass

What’s the best instrument?

Some people will immediately disagree with me, perhaps they’ll say it’s the guitar, maybe drums, but I’ll always opt for brass. Always. When you hear a killer jazz track with a great horn line that’s the instrument that does the deed, kills it. Stone dead I might add.

The trumpet has a clarity of timbre that can cut through even the worst hangover to give satisfaction. The note from a well played trumpet is pure and sweet like fresh spring water. It’s an instrument with only three keys but it can achieve such variation. From the melancholia of the last post to the joie de vivre of a ditsy latin track. If theres a strumpet on the trumpet, you want to hear the beautiful emissions from those sweet lips.

The saxophone was there at the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll. It had earned it’s stripes before the guitar as the lead instrument of this new form. It’s an incredibly versatile instrument, mimmicing the human voice in its range and in the diversity of the emotional content. This means of course that it can sound tacky or boring perhaps like a wah wah guitar, but in the hands of the right man OW! BLOW MAN BLOW!

The trombone has the depth of sound. It’s the instrument within the brass ensemble which can speak of other worlds and broken hearts. The notes are on a sliding scale and this allows the instrument to drift off key and give the nuances and innuendos which for example,  make caribbean or new orleans musicso interesting.

When played together though, those instruments are able to tell new stories: the purity of the trumpet together with the seductive qualities of the sax and the ‘cut to the bone’  honesty of the trombone all rolled together in one chord make this ensemble nearly unsurpassable.

Tell me I’m wrong?

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