Controlling Hearts and Get Together Drops?

Dredged from the rigolets by the zombie of the second line

Dredged up from the Rigolets by the Zombie of the Second Line

If you got love trouble, you got a bad woman you can’t control, I got just the thing for you, something called Controlling Hearts and get together drops.

If you work too hard and you need a little rest, try my Easel eyes rub, and put some of my balls-fix gel in your breakfast.

Sailor Jute in my hole card, it just won’t be beat. Try a little black cat heart if your woman got another man.

Some War Wart if your neighbors give you trouble, put your bui’ness in the street. Try my Dragon Blood, My Drawen Hidin’, and My Sacred Sand.

The Rites of Coco Robicheaux will act as a second Guardian Angel

The Rites of Coco Robicheaux will act as a second Guardian Angel

From the opening of the bottleneck chords, you are sure that Papa Robicheaux’s prescriptions and remedies will cure all of your ills. With satchel of Gris-Gris in  hand, Dr John the Night Tripper plies his wares up and down the bayou.

These are spells and incantations of the highest order, brought by Tit Alberto from the Antilles up to Bayou St. There’s the ancient Dance Kalinda to remind you of the old chants, and the new Croaker Courtbullion to serve Battiste style of Phyco-delphia.

As we close with a dark incantation and talk through the smoke of deaux-deaux the rattlesnake whose forked tongue hisses pig latin in silk and satin, Auntie Andre’s Gilded Splinters spew forth in our path to light and guide.

Not snake oil my love, it’s the real Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya. Believe. Dr John the night tripper released Gris Gris in 1968 on ATCO records.

Get wise to the Zulu parade

Get wise to the Zulu parade


Dr John the Night Tripper
Dr Poo Pah Doo of Destine Tambourine
Dr Bourdeaux of Funky Knuckle Skins
Dr Battiste of Scorpio in Bass Clef
Dr McLean of Mandolin Comp School
Dr Bolden of the Immortal Flute Fleet

Dr John the Night Tripper - Gris Gris

Dr John the Night Tripper - GRIS-gris

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