Devil’s Rumble

You can pose and air guitar and plug yourself in and wii all you like, you’ll never qualify. Step forward my main man, Davie Allan, the axe toting Clint Eastwood of down and dirty fuzz guitar. Link Ray showed the way, here you go lads and lasses, the guitar sounds well cool when it fuzzes and distorts. Taking on board all that Uncle Link could teach him Davie set forth to bring his own ways to bare upon this much loved instrument.
Davie’s starting point was through Mike Curb, an enthusiastic school friend who founded Sidewalk Records (which was distributed by Capitol subsidiary Tower Records). Davie was a very talented player and was hired as a session musician, a guitar for hire. Davie and his band The Arrows would also knock out surf records with modest success. Part of Davie’s duties was to supply soundtracks to Roger Cormen’s American International Pictures, cheap exploitation stuff of the highest quality. Carmen worked hard and produced many films, the soundtrack work gave Davie the opportunity to experiment with his guitar sound. Something rather special happened for the biker flick The Wild Angels, Davie and the Arrows brought their new fuzzed out guitar sound to roughen up the blues groove of the title track, grinding and pounding like an iron horse, released as a single with Bongo Party on the b-side it became an immediate hit. More soundtracks followed and Allan’s apatite for a heavy, distortion drenched sound would work to great effect on tracks like Cycle-delic, Devil’s Rumble, Hell Rider and King Fuzz. Davie is still recording and ramping up the effects driven sound of his music, extreme and restless to the end.
I’m not sure what colour to paint my bathroom. Mundane.
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