Episode 100 – The Home Spun Sessions: Prince Monolulu & the Royal Ponces

Prince Monolulu and the Royal Ponces join us this week for some hot Rhythm & Blues, Exotic Rumbas and Desperate Rock & Roll.  It’s all Killer Diller – no Filler here. We get the low down on the old days of Soho’s roaring Night Life and get quite intoxicated in the process!

  • Down at the Black Gardenia: we rue the good old days of one of Soho’s greatest dive bars run by the inimitable Jake Vegas.
  • Vintage music – WTF? Vintage is a bottle of wine blood.
  • Tito Puente – Band leader extraordinaire, showman and hep cat of the mambo and cha cha.
  • Storytelling in Music. Songs that run like poems.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 100 Tracklist

  1. Magic Sam – Easy Baby
  2. Jay Swan – You Don’t Love Me
  3. Ronnie Isle & the Yo-Yo’s – Hassie
  4. Ronnie Isle – Wicked
  5. Prince Monolulu  – Bliss
  6. Prince Monolulu – Hurry Home to Me
  7. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
  8. Arbee Stidham – Meet Me Half Way
  9. Prince Monolulu –  Exclamation!
  10. Prince Monolulu – The Night After the Night Before
  11. Prince Monolulu – Midnight Black
  12. Freddie Hall – This Crooked World
  13. Tito Puente  – Tatalibaba
  14. Marie Bryant – Tomato
  15. Leo Quica – Caliente
  16. Frank ‘Dual Trumpet’ Motley – Wanda Landa Landa
  17. Bob Lenarde – Cherokee Dance
  18. Prince Monolulu – Down at The Black Gardenia
  19. Prince Monolulu – Flash of Inspiration
  20. Prince Monolulu – I’m Shakin’
  21. Gene Vincent – Jezebel
This Show was recorded 7th April 2014
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