Episode 101- The Home Spun Sessions: The Remedy

We are joined for an exclusive session this week by up-and-coming  Soul band, The Remedy as they launched their new EP ahead of a hectic festival schedule.
The Remedy provide a delicate balance of lyric, harmony and melody which form a great counterpoint to Chrissie’s soaring voice. By turns intimate and poignant, her songs of love, family and personal experience transfixed us.


  • When James Brown impersonated Little Richard and nobody sussed it.
  • How people forgot to learn the guitar for nearly a decade.
  • Why the night is the best time for creativity.
  • YouTube and SoundCloud have helped to create the ‘era of the underdog’.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 101 Tracklist

  1. Marie ‘Queenie’ Lyons – See and Don’t See
  2. James Brown – Prisoner of Love
  3. The Jungle Brothers – Straight Out the Jungle
  4. The Remedy – Loving You
  5. The Remedy – Again
  6. Allen Stone – Unaware (live in his mother’s living room)
  7. Bonobo – Eyes Down
  8. The Remedy – The Lift
  9. The Remedy – Runner Man
  10. Nappy Brown – Hoonie Boonie
  11. The Mekons – Where Were You?
  12. The Remedy – Soulful Summer
  13. The Remedy – Where’s All the Soul?
  14. John Motha – Zulu Boy
  15. Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
  16. Sly & Robbie – Boops (Here to Go)
This Show was recorded 2nd & 28th April
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