Episode 17 – Walk Home Baby!

Teenage tricks to get a sly kiss. Parliament knew how! The Treniers knew how! We reveal the age old secret of how to get a snog on your first date.


  • The search for African roots in the US jazz scene.
  • “Black Jazz”- American Jazz artists would take exception to the phrase.
  • Junior Brown, Speedy West, Raymond Scott and the musicians behind Loony Tunes and cartoon music.
  • Treat ’em Mean- Keep ’em Keen!
  • Breakfast of Champions. Read Kurt Vonnegut’s Books!
  • Melvin Van Peebles, Sweet Sweetback and the beginning of Blaxploitation Movies. 6 of the Best…Blaxploitation Movie Soundtracks
  • Earth Wind and Fire: We don’t mind the earth or the fire, but someone just let one rip…seriously EW&F are all round good guys says Dave’s Brother.
  • Dance music production: The weird places that loops are sourced from – obscure or shit records. Sample as audio artefact. Cut and paste versus studio orchestration and the musicians behind the loop.
  • Musical Royalty: Elizabeth I and Henry VIII.
  • Henry VIII a bloke who could throw a great shindig. But don’t eat his chop or you’ll be for it me lad!

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Photos of the Vinyl

Episode 17 Tracklist

  1. Junior Brown – I Hung it Up
  2. White Stripes – Stop Breaking Down
  3. Oneness of JuJu – African Rhythms
  4. Nashville Teens – Wydicombe Fair
  5. Dave’s Mystery Guest
  6. Nat King Cole – Naughty Angelina
  7. Charles Brown – Please Believe Me
  8. Dave’s Mystery Guest
  9. Parliament – My Automobile
  10. The Treniers – Get Out of the Car
  11. Jim O’Rourke – Something Big
  12. Henry Cow – Bittern Storm over Ulm
  13. Earth Wind and Fire – Sweetback Getting It Uptight and Preaching it So Hard the Bourgeuis Reggin Angels in Heaven Turn Around
  14. David Holmes – Insight to Riot
  15. Gershon Kingsley – Hey Hey
  16. Dick Dale and his Del-Tones – Misirlou Twist
  17. Family Fodder – Savoir Faire
  18. Suicide – Sweet Heart
  19. U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
  20. DJ Shadow – Lost and Found
  21. The Rutles – Cheese and Onions
    This Show was recorded 6th June 2011
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