Episode 19 – Jungle Illusion

Exotica and the yearning for a more primitive life caused by the jet engine and cheap flights during the 50’s .How the tourist industry made the search for a Utopian tropical paradise possible and translated into record sales – and a glorious fakery of tribal life.


  • Yma Sumac and her 50’s tour of working men’s clubs in the north of England.
  • Exotica
  • Hank Williams – Loved by Charlie Parker, better than Johnny Cash?
  • Coleman Hawkins: one of the Jazz greats.
  • Loose Singers with tight backing bands – a recipe for success: Ian Dury and the Happy Mondays.
  • Gun Club – naughty boys who influenced the White Stripes.
  • Jimmy Hendrix comes over all Jazz on us.
  • Check Out John’s post on MC 900 ft Jesus, fab leftfield old school rapper.

Photos of the Vinyl

Episode 19 Tracklist

  1. The Pyramids – Penetration
  2. War – Galaxy
  3. Earth Mother – Rubber Neck
  4. Martin Denny – Simba
  5. John Cale – Ghost Story
  6. Hank Williams – Alone and Forsaken
  7. Barney Kessel – Carioca
  8. Mystery Artist
  9. Mystery Artist
  10. Mystery Artist
  11. Coleman Hawkins – Wherever There’s a Will, Baby
  12. Jimi Hendrix – Easy Blues
  13. MC 900 ft Jesus – Truth is Out of Style
  14. Happy Mondays – Step On
  15. John Kongos – He’s Gonna Step on You Again
  16. The Gun Club – Preaching the Blues
  17. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
  18. Kitty White – I’m Going to be a Fool Next Monday
  19. Kenny Barry – Hypnotized
  20. Peaches – Hot Rod
  21. Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn
  22. Coke – You Turn Me On
  23. Santo and Johnny – Tears
This Show was recorded 23rd May 2011
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