Episode 16 – Las Vegas Grind

The humdrum grind of living in a city that never sleeps. What to do in Las Vegas if you don’t wanna gamble…


  • Special Guest Yvan Serrano, DJ Healer Selector and Guitarist from The Dustaphonics as well as  Raison D’Etre head honcho. Yvan has worked with many artists on the Surf, Soul, Rock and Roll and Rockabilly Scenes.
  • Is it really possible to pick your all time top tunes? If you had to pick 100 records to represent the musical endeavour of humanity what would they be?
  • Some music is meant for indoors, some for outdoors, some for day some for night. Why do some tunes suit a particular time and place?
  • The Burlespue Musical scale: Do Re Me Me Me Me Me…(Ad Infinitum).
  • Yvan politely declines an offer to become a pornstar.
  • Mexican Rockabilly: Young kids creating a new underground scene.
  • Lou Rawls, that rare breed that is engaged both musically and politically.
  • Why does the music industry sign actors and fame academy graduates instead of real musicians.

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Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 16 Tracklist

  1. Digital Underground – The Return of the Crazy One
  2. Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice
  3. Monty Morris – Higher Than the Highest Mountain
  4. Cud – Only a Prawn in Whitby
  5. The Polaras – Cricket
  6. Al Castellanos – Talking Rythyms
  7. Stock, Hausen and Walkman – Open Up/Schweitzer
  8. Animal Collective – For Reverend Green
  9. Dustaphonics – Party Girl
  10. Dustaphonics – Burlesque Queen
  11. Gene Vincent – Race with the Devil
  12. The Lebron Brothers – Summertime Blues
  13. The Flamingos – Besame Mucho
  14. Joe Reisman and His Orchestra – Brasilia
  15. The Mighty Panther – Shame and Scandal in the Family
  16. Genius GZA – Investigative Reports
  17. Big Youth – Keep Your Dread
  18. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
  19. The Cure – Killing an Arab
  20. Chicks on Speed – Sliding Down Your Rib Cage
  21. Nolan Corimier – Hee Haw Breakdown
  22. El General – Pu Tun Tun
  23. Sesso Matto – Le Sexe Fou
  24. Mike Theodore – Moon Track
  25. Big Mooses – Puppy Howl Blues
  26. Brion Bennett – Ergon
  27. Lou Rawls – Dead End Street
  28. Nat Adderley – Calling Out Loud
This Show was recorded 4th July 2011

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