Episode 20 – Brave New World

The impulse to create a new Zeitgeist in post war New York. From Warhol to Woody Allen to Charlie Parker, this was focused in Greenwich Village, a hugely influential melting pot for music and art during the 50’s and 60’s.


  • Brilliant gigs which happened at the Village Gate, imagine walking into a gig there and seeing Bird or Mongo or Miles. Mongo Santamaria tells the story of the greatest Conga players of all time.
  • Check out  6 of the Best…Stoner Bogaloos to hear what the next generation of New Yoricans were bugging out to in Spanish Harlem.
  • The international music collaborations of David Lynch.
  • Eugene McDaniels: a great songwriter famous for “Compared to What” and co-writer of Roberta Flack’s “Feel Like Making Love” died in August 2011.
  • Nina Simone’s troubled career. Her atheism. Her personal struggle with depression and drink. Her beautiful songs which resulted from this struggle.
  • The prolific output of Mark E Smith.
  • Creating your own Karaoke machine.
  • John Barry and the beginnings of the studio sound. Using studio techniques to carry a song, developing a sound in the studio rather than in the rehearsal room.
  • Bargains to be had at your local record emporium. Lou Rawls’ “Season of the Witch” for £2!

And Here’s the Music:

Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 20 Tracklist

  1. Roland Alphonso – El Pussy Cat
  2. Sally Stanley – I’ll Have to Let You Go
  3. The United States of America – Garden of Earthly Delights
  4. Mongo Santamaria – Afro Blue
  5. Afreaka – Disolusioned Man
  6. Cornelius – Star Fruits, Surf Rider
  7. Eugene Mc Daniels – Cherry Stones
  8. Nina Simone – Come by Here
  9. Julie Cruise – The Nightingale
  10. The Fall – A New Face in Hell
  11. John Lee Hooker – She Shot Me Right Down
  12. Gallon Drunk – The Last Gasp
  13. Tricky – Aftermath
  14. Miles Davis – Black Satin
  15. Shocking Blue – Venus
  16. The Stranglers – Get a Grip
  17. Serge Gainsbourg – Cargo Culte
  18. John Barry Seven – The Human Jungle
  19. Gene Chandler – I Fooled you This Time
  20. Fats Domino – Ain’t that a shame
    This Show was recorded 18th July 2011
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