Episode 21 – Coca and Biscuits

Enjoy a bedtime drink Columbian style


  • Introducing Eurobeat: a bastard mix of afro-latin, out there-jazz and  psychedelic soul from the 60’s, pioneered by labels such as Barclay and Vogue.
  • Tribal Scarification & the modern penchant for branding. Would you? Could you? get a nike ‘swoosh’ burned onto your posterior?
  • The uncompromising career of Peter Hamill who made more than 70 albums.
  • How Futurama badly ripped off Pierre Henry’s Psych Rock for their theme tune.
  • The unassuming and tragic career of Nick Drake, gentle and increasingly highly rated. How a shy, delicate heart can get chewed up by the music industry.
  • Chris Cunnigham’s brilliant direction and music video work for Warp records.
  • Sister Ignacious catholic nun who taught many of the ska brass sections.
  • KLF and Malcolm McLaren, people who managed to get an overview of the machinations of the music industry and use it to their own advantage.

Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 21 Tracklist

  1. Sivuca – Ain’t no Sunshine
  2. Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra – Sand
  3. Soul Sisters – Wreck Buddy
  4. Les Chakachas – Ma Ma Dou
  5. Nino Ferrer – Mao et Moa
  6. Uele Kalabubu et sa Tribu – Makelele
  7. Ian Dury – Clever Trevor
  8. More Thiam – Ato Ayo Nene
  9. Van de Graaf Generator – Erg Man
  10. Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock
  11. Thee oh Sees – Block of Ice
  12. Mississipi John Hurt – Stagger Lee
  13. Nick Drake –  Know
  14. Atmosphere – Dancing in Outer Space
  15. The Flying Lizards – Money
  16. Quickspace – Docile
  17. Bocaccio – Enigma
  18. Desmond Dekker – Get up Edina
  19. Don Drummond – Green Island
  20. Spanky Wilson – Kissing my Love
  21. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk
This Show was recorded 25th July 2011
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