Episode 23 – The Microdot and other Matters

How the English Hippie movement fused Celtic roots, Eastern mysticism and Shamanism, whilst striving to reinvent the ‘old ways’… a return to the earth and folk traditions. A new Zeitgeist was created in the 60’s, which was authentically British and which has formed the backbone of counter-cultures here ever since.


  • Seth the dog walks all over our special guest, Don Eales’ CD’s, Ho Hum! Sorry Don.
  • How could ‘Blowing in the Wind’ could ever have been written by a White man? The Civil Rights movement in America:  Sam Cooke and the story of how ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ was written.
  • The particular smell of  vinyl records – not only does it sound better…
  • Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ a seminal album replete with celestial music: mariachi trumpets, lush strings and a humane folk sensibility.
  • The confluence of Arabic, Gypsy and Sufi cultures in North Africa and Andalucia. The Alhambra in Granada, a Moorish paradise on earth!
  • Salim Halali and the Chanson Marocaine which gained success in the Paris flamenco clubs of the late 30’s.
  • The Incredible String Band’s influence and pivotal role in starting the world music scene.

Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 23 Tracklist

  1. The Wailers – Put it On
  2. The Tamlins – Baltimore
  3. Richie Havens – High Flying Bird
  4. Love – Alone Again Or
  5. Salim Hilali – Achik Tifal nda Luisa
  6. The Faith Healers – Mother Sky
  7. The Byrds – Eight Miles High
  8. Can – Don’t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone
  9. Captain Beefheart  – Sure Nuf Yes I Do
  10. The Misunderstood – Who Do You Love
  11. Lonnie Smith – People Sure Act Funny
  12. Ole Miss Down Beats – Geraldine
  13. Arthur Griswold and the Organics – Pretty Mamma Blues
  14. John Williams – The Emperors Clouds
  15. Shankar Jaikishan – Raga Todi
  16. Incredible String Band – Talking of the End
  17. Half Japanese – US Teens Are Spoiled Bums
  18. Nightmares on Wax – Aftermath
This Show was recorded 31st October 2011
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