Episode 24 – The Equatorial Explorer

Special Guest Miles Cleret of Soundway records spins some way-out Tropical favourites from his recent trips around Africa and South America.


  • The boys discuss shelving techniques – Who said we were spods? Shelving is a very serious business.
  • Leadbelly, held on a murder charge, taken out of prison early to release his tunes.
  • Little Roy’s  excellent Nirvana covers album produced by Brighton’s Prince Fatty.
  • How major labels such as Phillips and Decca had studio operations in 25+ countries during the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, this would never happen today.
  • Miles gives us a crash course in licencing records in the internet age.
  • Bowie & Jagger’s ‘Dancing in the Streets’: the Video – Imagine the makeup required to cover those crags!
  • A rocket on an Lp cover from the 50’s means trouble!
  • Semba music: frenetic dance-floor bombshells from Angola!
  • How much of a grip did the roots music of Africa have on African funk, are they just traditional folk songs made modern, or a whole new African idiom?
  • Why do some tunes become standards – what is it that makes a tune like ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’ famously transcend the rest to become great?
  • How songs that were initially recorded maybe just to make a few bucks become a part of our lives and are invested with additional meaning and baggage.
  • The brilliantly eccentric British label Deram’s fab output.
  • Check our events section for Soundway Records’ Album Launch party next Saturday 25th November

Episode 24 Podcast

Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 24 Tracklist

  1. The Delco’s – Arabia
  2. Booma Rockers – Soul Food
  3. Soul Agents – Gospel Train
  4. Fred Frith – Dancing in the Streets
  5. Jackie Wilson – I’m Coming on Back to You
  6. Jimmy Mawi – I Wan’t Get Up
  7. Soft Machine – Why Are we Sleeping
  8. Al Castellanos – Tango of Romance
  9. Ferrante and Teicher – Brazil
  10. Taranto’s y Sus Exitos – Opus Pi
  11. Leadbelly – Where did you Sleep last Night
  12. Crazy Teens – Crazy Date
  13. Greetje Kauffeld – Day by Day
  14. Carlos Lamartine – Basooka
  15. Joao do Vale – Jose Candido – Cacara
  16. La Negra Grande de Columbia – Selvas Colobianas
  17. George Clinton – Dog Talk
  18. Essential Logic – Wake Up
  19. Terry and the Chain Reaction – Keep Your Cool
  20. Trompeteros – Astronautos a Mercurio
  21. Davie Allen and the Arrows – Blue’s Trip
  22. Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Doughnut
  23. Chim Kothari – Indian Bat
  24. East of Eden – Jig a Jig
This Show was recorded November14th 2011
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