Episode 46 – Mesmerizing Models and Robotic Rebels

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How Kraftwerk opened the door for Electronic music and created a turning point in pop history. Special Guest Nick Slim remembers hearing them for the first time in Covent Garden.


  • How David Bowie and Iggy Pop realised they were past it!
  • Go Wild for Gizzelle’s new school Rhythm & Blues.
  • Check out the personal columns of Loot magazine at your own risk!
  • Matthew whinges about getting holes in his socks…
  • Riding the Mexican wave, Mariachi style with Roscoe Gordon.
  • The fascinating body painting of tribal art. Why are modern tattoos so boring in comparison to African scars or Papuan body paint.
  • Unlike French, English is a bastard language, constantly subsuming and absorbing new words from new worlds.

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 46 Tracklist

  1. Gizzelle – Voodoo Voodoo
  2. Marta Kubisova – Tak Dej Se K Ruman A Projdem Suet
  3. Kraftwerk – The Model
  4. The Time and Space Machine – Pill Party in India
  5. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
  6. Roscoe Gordon – El Toro
  7. Sun Ra Blues Project – Batman Theme
  8. Violent Femmes – Kiss Off
  9. Byron Lee – Jump Up
  10. Guem et Zaka Percussion – L’ Abeille
  11. Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Breakdown
  12. Primal Scream – Jail Bird
  13. Cannibal OX – Straight Off The D.I.C
  14. Black Czar – Rookoombey
  15. Fragment Head – Algebra of Need
  16. Jim Bakus – Delicious
  17. The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again
This Show was recorded25th July 2012
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