Episode 48 – Crazed Dance Crazes

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The Hump, The Watusi Zombie, The Hawg, The Mashed Potato, The Bug, The Horse, The Tighten Up, The Hook & Sling: Why did the fashion for dance crazes during the 60’s tail off? Let’s start a new one crazy kids!


  • Googie Rene a Jazzer in La La Land? Nah a composer of Mod classics!
  • Tumultuous Weather in Rock & Roll: Johnny & the Hurricanes.
  • Who needs pussy when you got Rats! The racy books of John Herbert.
  • Johnny Cash should be a guest on Jerry Springfield!
  • Olympic athletes laid bare. Buff! But Beware the Relay Race Boys…
  • Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the Kazi. Scatology Ahoy!
  • The Watusi Zombie – its like the Watusi but your limbs fall off.
  • John’s anger management techniques.

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 48 Tracklist

  1. Googie Rene – Caesar’s Pad
  2. Johnny and the Hurricanes – Crossfire
  3. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Dang
  4. Johnny Cash – Frankie and Johnny
  5. Jessie Mae Hamphill – Take Me Home With You Baby
  6. EMAK – Filmusik
  7. Cabaret Voltaire – Seconds Too Late
  8. Ray Baretto – Watusi
  9. The Bug – Angry
  10. The Pharcyde – Officer
  11. Joao Donato – Cala Boca Menino
  12. Thayelo Kapiye Trio – Mai Wanga Anadiuza
  13. Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling
  14. Eddie Kirk – The Hawg
  15. The Invaders – Cat’s Eyes
  16. Sly and the Family Stone – Love ‘n’ Haight
  17. EPMD – Strictly Business
  18. DJ Eclipse – Dedication
  19. Silicon Teens – Memphis Tennessee
  20. Walter Carlos – William Tell Overture
  21. Carlos Malcolm – Bonanza Ska
  22. Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet – Paul’s Ark
This Show was recorded 16th July 2012
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