Episode 49 – The Home Spun Show Presents: The Dirty Gentlemen

Special Guests the Dirty Gentlemen hot foot it back, dirt-and-all, from playing at Secret Garden Party to come and do a set especially for you, M’Dear. We really loved this one as these guys sure know how to play. Time to get low down and saucy with four times the horn!


  • How Bo Diddley got his name. The Unitar and Ghana’s  Diddley Bow.
  • The Fabulous new blues releases of Evangelist Records, Lewis Durham (Kitty Daisy & Lewis) and Joe Walters’ new label.
  • Matthew gets a haul of records from his brother Nick and passes them off as his own – Oh the shame of it!
  • Harry Belafonte: respected as a campaigner for Black Rights.
  • Some of the best early Hip Hop and Electro was on the Warlock family of labels.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Band


Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 49 Tracklist

  1. Rene Hall Orchestra – Twitchy
  2. Pokey Lafarge – Fan It
  3. Group Doueh – Min Binat Omum
  4. Danny Cobb – My Isabella
  5. Butthole Surfers – Human Canonball
  6. Dirty Gentlemen – Hot Little Mamma
  7. Dirty Gentlemen – Lil’ Liza Jane
  8. Dirty Gentlemen – Lonely Lonely Nights
  9. Dirty Gentlemen – I Don’t Want Nobody Else But You
  10. Miriam Makeba – Kilimanjaro
  11. The Colts – Lips Red as Wine
  12. Ambrose and his Orchestra – Limehouse Blues
  13. Denton and Cook – Quiller Theme
  14. Jungle Brothers – Because I Got it Like That
  15. Dirty Gentlemen – Gangster of Love
  16. Dirty Gentlemen – Come With Me to the Casbah
  17. Dirty Gentlemen – Jambalaya
  18. Dirty Gentlemen – I Go Crazy
  19. Dirty Gentlemen – Bloodshot Eyes
  20. Chuito and the Latin Uniques – Dixie Peach
  21. Dudley Moore – The Look of Love
This Show was recorded 24th July 2012
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