Episode 50 – The Home Spun Show presents: Pé De Jurema

We are really excited to present the excellent Pé De Jurema performing a captivating mix of folkoric sounds from North Eastern Brazil for you lucky listeners. There’s Maracatú, Coco de Roda and Forró for your listening pleasure.


  • Why do modern rock bands still do the same ol’, same ol’, macho posturing that they’ve always done. It’s a dated shabby look chaps!
  • Check out Dom Servini’s excellent Wah Wah 45’s label for the best in funk and contemporary soul moves.
  • The Gilberto dynasty, Astrid and Bebel, who helped create a new idiom in Brazilian music: Bossa Nova was the cool sound of Ipanema beach and the hot sound of Rio de Janeiro’s Jazz Bars during the 60’s.
  • Robert Wyatt does despotic. There’s nowt like folk!
  • Brassed off with the Hackney Colliery Band.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Slides of the Band


Episode 50 Tracklist

  1. Helen Humes – Woojamacooja
  2. Tim Hardin – If I were a Carpenter
  3. Fred McDowell – Frisco Lines
  4. Hackney Colliery Band – Africa
  5. Astrid Gilberto – The Girl from Ipanema
  6. Pé De Jurema – Pipoca
  7. Pé De Jurema – Criola
  8. Pé De Jurema – Coco Da Gente / Coco Jurema
  9. Pé De Jurema –  Dona Mariquiñha
  10. Pé De Jurema – Taõ Grande
  11. Robert Wyatt – Starlin Wasn’t Stallin’
  12. Naughty by Nature – Everything’s Going to be Alright
  13. X-Ray Spex – Warrior in Woolworths
  14. Pé De Jurema – Asa Branca
  15. Pé De Jurema – Vai Levando
  16. Pé De Jurema – Zambueiro / Dona Selma
  17. Pé De Jurema – Maracatú
  18. Pé De Jurema – Areia Do Mar
  19. Creative Source – You Can’t Hide Love
  20. Fuxa – Our Lips are Sealed
  21. The Ink Spots – Cow Cow Boogie
This Show was recorded 7th August 2012
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