Episode 51 – Choose Chinese Carefully

Matthew likes Noodles, but John and Simon like Egg Foo Young, a far superior dish… Chop Sticks Away, Chaps!

  • The first Treasure Isle excursion was a gem! A mixture of early ska and calypso from Jamaica. What a fab label.
  • Professor Can heard the Velvet Underground and created Kraut Rock.
  • The excellent Documenta Art Show in Kassel.
  • The ‘counter-cultural’ Vladimir Putin: He locks you up if he doesn’t like what you say.
  • Carry on Up the Jungle with the Euro beat sound of Resonance.
  • We like the dog and bone but not the boy and bone!
  • The Joy of Sex – a hand drawn manual for the modern teenager.
  • We love KRS-1’s mom, a Jamaican whose son brought the dancehall sound to New York. A Hot Rockin’ Momma if ever there was one!
  • A warp in time and space – how the Warp records sound reflects the grey northern city of Sheffield.

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Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 51 Tracklist

  1. Myron Lee & The Caddies – Homicide
  2. Count Lasher – Hooligan
  3. Captain Beefheart – I’m Going To Boogalize Ya Baby
  4. Can – Outside the Door
  5. Riot – God Bless Conchita
  6. Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears
  7. Resonance – Safari Love
  8. Sleep – Dragonaut
  9. Boogie Down Productions – The Racist
  10. Roland Alfonso – 007 Shanti Town
  11. Ron Geesin – Twist and Knit For Two Guitars
  12. Animal Collective – Winter’s Love
  13. Alfredito – Egg Foo Young Mambo
  14. Martin Denny – Stone God
  15. Hubert Robinson – Old Woman Boogie
  16. Mississippi John Hurt – Sliding Delta
  17. Human League – Things Dreams Are Made Of
  18. Tricky Disco – Fly Spray
  19. Lucky Millinder – Chew Tobacco Rag
  20. James Moody – Tin Tin Deo
  21. Booker T and the MGS – Boot-Legg
  22. Lowell Fulsom – Pico
  23. Psychic TV – Paris
This Show was recorded 20th August 2012
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