Episode 55 – The Crazy spider-eating Moon Dog

Now eating giant live spiders is not my idea of a good time but Seth the dog has no problem with it. Yum, Yum, for some, but me? Not in a month of Black Sabbaths!


  • The three kings of Mambo: Rainbow, Fiesta and Mardi Gras, the first New York Mambo labels.
  • The Seeds: Matthew likes the borlotti’s whilst John preferes mung.
  • How Sid Barrett monged out on too much acid and lost the plot.
  • The Violent Femmes, kings of the art school scene during the 80’s.
  • Reggae Royalty: DJ Derek, the West Country Selecta.
  • Jimmy Smith the funky fingered man casts a spell with his loins.
  • The Spice Girls did nothing for women’s rights with girl power. More likely they set feminism back by a decade. Bet they never knew what asafoetida was either…

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Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 55 Tracklist

  1. Walter Lane Trio – Drumambo
  2. The Seeds – Pushing Too Hard
  3. The Commandos – Penyesalan
  4. Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
  5. Pink Floyd – Bike
  6. Treniers – Moondog
  7. MC 900 ft Jesus – The City Sleeps
  8. Matmos – Jealous Order of Candied Knights
  9. Conroy Smith – Dangerous
  10. Swell Maps – Let’s Buy a Bridge
  11. Richard Hell & the Voidoids – The Blank Generation
  12. Liquid Liquid – Dig We Must
  13. Cluster – Avanti
  14. Jimmy Smith – Got My Mojo Working
  15. Eddie Burns – Hard Hearted Women
  16. Son House – Grinning in your Face
  17. Willie Bobo – Wild Rice
  18. Crane – Calpol
  19. Amon Tobin – Kitty Cat
  20. Letta – Kukuchi
  21. Plastic Ono Band – Woman Power
This Show was recorded 3rd September 2012
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