Episode 58 – The Home Spun Sessions: Wara

Wara bring their fab take on Cuban music to the Home Spun Show. Salsa meets Reggae, Afro-Jazz meets Rap in the underground sounds of London’s new pan-world immigrant communities.

  • How the CIA exported Abstract Expressionism around the world during the 60’s to promote ‘freedom’ & the American Way.
  • How the Jamaicans took foghorns from American warships and turned them into bass speakers, inventing sound system culture.
  • Tom Collis extols the virtues of the VW Combi ‘bread loaf ‘camper van. So long as the damned thing doesn’t over-cook and catch fire!
  • It’s Banjo bashing time with Robert Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenaders.
  • We say No, No, No to Yes.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 58 Tracklist

  1. Los Boppers – Ali Baba
  2. Jackie Mitoo – Keep on Dance U
  3. Nice Face – Minor Altercation
  4. Original Flavor – Can I get Open
  5. The Gardenias – I’m Laughing at You
  6. The Syndicates – Howling For My Baby
  7. Wara – Conga (Intro)
  8. Wara – Somewhere Land
  9. Wara – 7 A.M.
  10. Milton Banana – Procissão
  11. Lani Kai – Batik
  12. Cheap Suit Serenaders – Fine Artiste Blues
  13. John Fahey – Dance of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg
  14. Wara – Caprichoso
  15. Wara – Run
  16. Wara – Leave to Remain
  17. Wara – Conga
  18. Captain Beefheart – China Pig
  19. Sonic Youth – Death Valley 69
  20. Beach Boys  – Till I Die
This Show was recorded 16th October 2012
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