Episode 59 The Home Spun Sessions: The Bikini Beach Band

The fabulously flambuoyant Bikini Beach Band rock their surf noir sound for the Home Spun Sessions. This was a crazy gig recorded at the Red Hot Grind Show in Shoreditch.

  • Japanese Gentlemen stand up please! Tightening up and funking out with The Yellow Magic Orchestra.
  • Head Saucier, Googie Rene rocks the sleazy beatnik beats. We learn the difference between a titty-shaker and a grind. One not to forget!
  • The classic flatshare: Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. More punk than Johnny Rotten!
  • One micro-cosmic year: Youth Culture: Blink and you miss it.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 59 Tracklist

  1. Hop Wilson and his Blue Steel Guitar – Rocking in the Cocoanut Top
  2. Googie Rene – Sidetracked
  3. Whitey Gallagher – Gotta Roam
  4. Chuck Reo and the Originals – C’est La Vie
  5. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tighten Up
  6. Ornette Coleman – Virgin Beauty
  7. Dave and Ansil Collins – Double Barrel
  8. Bikini Beach Band – Ghost Riders
  9. Bikini Beach Band – Sex on Fire
  10. Bikini Beach Band – Tequila
  11. Bikini Beach Band – Hawaii 5-0
  12. Patti Smith – Privilege (Set Me Free)
  13. Etta James – At Last
  14. Fabian Andre – Rumor Tropical
  15. Musique Kongo
  16. Bikini Beach Band – Blue Monday
  17. Bikini Beach Band – LA Creepa
  18. Bikini Beach Band – Wipeout
  19. Bikini Beach Band – Misirlou
  20. Wire – Mr Suit
  21. The Monks – Love Come Tumblin’ Down
  22. Slick – Space Bass
This Show was recorded 15th October 2012
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