Episode 60 – The Home Spun Sessions: The Untouchables

The rather brilliant Untouchables bring their special brand of  harmonica Blues to the Home Spun Sessions. Little Walter eat your heart out – they’ve got enough harps to shake a stick at!

  • The boys quaff Mötorhead’s Shiraz, but wonder why wine? It just ain’t Rock & Roll… Why not Mötorhead Whiskey? Lemmy would be the toast of Hard Rock Cafe Society!
  • Sing for your Supper: the psychedelic ‘karaoke’ rantings of  Can legend Damo Suzuki.
  • Flash, the Grand Master who took over from James Brown as the hardest working man in Show-Business.
  • How Run DMC used to bless all the people at their gigs personally  as they left the building.
  • How the Wu-Tang Clan rejuvenated hip hop by bringing Eastern Mysticism into the genre and telling serious Black history with a unique voice.
  • Young Holt Unlimited: One of the best studio bands of the 70’s.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 60 Tracklist

  1. Big Al Downing – Georgia Slop
  2. Haryou Percussion Orchestra – Welcome to the Party
  3. The Fall – I Am Damo Suzuki
  4. Darrel Rhodes – 4 o’clock Baby
  5. The Untouchables – My Babe
  6. The Untouchables – Help Me
  7. The Untouchables -I’ve got a Mind
  8. The Untouchables – 2:19
  9. Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tchak
  10. Ice Cube – Check Yourself
  11. African Headcharge – Off The Beaten Track
  12. The Untouchables – Hound Dog
  13. The Untouchables – Chicago
  14. The Untouchables -Baby Please Don’t Go
  15. The Untouchables – Rock Me
  16. The Untouchables – Two Old Maids
  17. Family Tree – Family Tree
  18. El Michels Affair – CREAM
  19. Motorhead – No Class
  20. Young Holt Unlimited – Light My Fire
  21. Erma Franklyn – Light My Fire
This Show was recorded 12th November 2012
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