Episode 62 – The Atrocity Exhibition

People are anaesthetised by the news. It becomes a soap opera of horror, which we watch compulsively, and without empathy. How Anarcho-punk outfits such as Flux of Pink Indians tried to redress the balance.

  • The early 80’s Digital Dancehall sound of Cutty Ranks, the original Raggamuffin Soundbwoy.
  • Why the kids shouldn’t start taking Ayahuasca.
  • The KLF’s Manual “How to have a Number One the Easy Way” still applies.
  • A Modern Mersey Beat: the banging sounds of the Boom Boom Booms.
  • John Airs his knickers – top drawer stuff!
  • Mayo Thompson’s itinerant music career: from West to East, he’s moved up and up, working with Robert Rauschenberg, producing for Rough Trade and played with Connie Plank & Dieter Moebius in Germany.
  • And Finally… why the Home Spun Show vastly dislikes Noel Edmonds.

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Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 62 Tracklist

  1. Cumbia Siglo XX – Rhythm Naga-Peddale
  2. Red Snapper – Get Some Sleep Tiger
  3. Don Ellis – Theme from the French Connection
  4. Red Crayola – Discipline
  5. The Boom Boom Booms – Trouble and Strife
  6. Ike & Tina Turner – The Game of Love
  7. Cutty Ranks – Retreat (Soundbwoy)
  8. Cutty Ranks – A Who Seh Me Dun
  9. Scanner – Heidi
  10. UK Apache & Shy FX – Original Nuttah
  11. David Holmes feat. John Spencer – Bad Thing
  12. Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra – Blast Off
  13. JB Lenoir – Don’t Touch My Head
  14. The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President
  15. Prince Far-I and The Arabs – Plant Up
  16. Roots Manuva – Soul Decay
  17. 3 Go 3 – Boing
  18. Flux of Pink Indians – Tube Disaster
  19. The Musical Linn Twins – Rockin out the Bloues
  20. FC Kahuna – Hayling
  21. Soul Centre – Funky Sterling (edit)
This Show was recorded 26th November 2012
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