Episode 63 – Home Spun Sessions: Orchestra Elastique

We have an extended, special this week with the astonishing live freeform soundscapes of Orchestra Elastique. Their music is a place of encounter, a musical catalyst, a Vorticist experiment and a new musical paradigm. Check Orchestra Elastique’s future gigs.


  • How Geordie band, The Animals brought Jimi Hendrix over to busk on the streets of Newcastle, His first gig in the UK?
  • The early Blue Beat sound of Duke Reid.
  • Hoffman the Dr of Theremin. You’d play it in your lab coat wouldn’t you?
  • How musicians interact in free-form pieces: It’s all about listening and mutual respect, but make sure to make a surprise instrument!
  • Catch a desert wave! The Arab-Surf, Moog-Beats of Omar Khorshid.
  • The power of music to transport comes from the ritualistic celecbration. Music can lift the human spirit to a shamanistic trance-like state.

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Photos of the Band:


Slides of the Vinyl:


Episode 63 Tracklist

  1. The Versatones – Bila
  2. Jiving Juniors – Lollipop Girl
  3. The Animals – Inside Looking Out
  4. Kevin Coyne – Some Dark Day
  5. Orchestra Elastique – My Dog was on the Canapé Yesterday (Live)
  6. Omar Khorshid – Rakset El Fadaa
  7. Anahoretii – Padurile Fosneau
  8. Dr Samuel J Hoffman – This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet
  9. Marvin Philips – Salty Dog
  10. Thee Oh Sees – Block Of Ice
  11. R Stevie Moore – Pop Music
  12. Orchestra Elastique – Home Spun Sessions (Live)
This Show was recorded 20th November 2012
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