Episode 77 – The Home Spun Sessions: Folie Ordinaire

Like shooting stars aimed straight for the heart of darkness, Folie Ordinaire take the swagger of Rock and the strut of Disco and turn them on their head. With Punk spikiness and Post-Acid electronics, they create a rhythmically pulsating live sound that defies categorization. They’ll be members of a futuristic leather-clad glitterati before you know it! Rock & Roll at it’s finest! Check out Folie Ordinaire’s unmissable live parties this summer.


  • One of the unsung heroes of Mambo, Al Castellanos was one of the first Cuban musicians to arrive in New York.
  • The yearning towards a rediscovery and reinterpretation of African roots in the late 60’s Chicago Jazz Scene.
  • KRS-1 takes out the US autocracy in one with a direct hit from the ghetto.
  • From Black Nylons to Black Panthers, the arcing career of  The Charmer.
  • US anti-Communist Witch hunts of the 1950’s were a travesty of justice.
  • The troubled soul of Nina Simone: An Atheist who read Gospel music  against itself to create a whole new thrust in the Jazz idiom.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 77 Tracklist

  1. Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone Too Long
  2. Medium Medium – Hungry Angry
  3. C.O.D. – In The Bottle
  4. Folie Ordinaire – Outcasted
  5. Folie Ordinaire – Rational
  6. Al Castellanos – Tango of Romance
  7. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Theme de Yoyo
  8. Folie Ordinaire – Fire & Water
  9. Folie Ordinaire – See Saw
  10. Folie Ordinaire – Che Folie
  11. Boogie Down Productions – Illegal Business
  12. The Charmer – Don’t Touch My Nylons
  13. Nina Simone – Backlash Blues
  14. Kriedler – Traffic Way
This Show was recorded 7th & 13th May 2013
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