Episode 78 The Home Spun Sessions: The Wagon Tales

Outstanding Country Bluegrass Band The Wagon Tales whoop up the Home Spun Sessions Kentucky style. Fresh from releasing their thigh slappingly fab debut album, Introducing the Wagon Tales These good ol’ boys are going places. Yee-Haw diddly de Haw!


  • The best record cutter in the industry was George ‘Porky’ Peckham. Porky Prime Cuts featured notes for the fans scratched into the records – Ace!
  • A great toaster: Yellowman, the original albino ragga muffin sound bwoy.
  • The growth and growth of the folk movement in Britain. How bands like Daughter are stretching the folk music envelope to breaking point.
  • Combustible Edison designed their own cocktails they were THAT loungey!
  • Ethiopian Rumba with an old master: Mahmoud Ahmed was one of the grandfathers of the Ethio-Jazz scene way back in the early 70’s.
  • Sister Ignatius, the diminutive  nun with a ministry of music in Ska.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 78 Tracklist

  1. Perhaps Contraption – Cousin Grandma
  2. The Beat – Twisting and Crawling
  3. Mo-Dettes – White Mice
  4. Yellowman – Zungou Zu Zung
  5. Wagon Tales – Mountain Dew
  6. Wagon Tales – The Deep River Blues
  7. Wagon Tales – Nelly Kate
  8. Wagon Tales – Nine Pound Hammer
  9. Wagon Tales – The Big Sciota
  10. Wagon Tales – The Walker
  11. Pete Terrace – I’m Gonna Make It
  12. Combustible Edison – Utopia
  13. Cornelius – Fly
  14. Mahmoud Ahmed – Anchin Kalekuen
  15. Wagon Tales – 99 Years (and One More Day)
  16. Wagon Tales – Rabbit in the Log
  17. Wagon Tales – Cocaine Habit Blues
  18. Wagon Tales – I wish that I could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
  19. Honkey Finger – Witch Doctor
  20. The Pioneers – Battle of the Giants
  21. The Bar Kays – Holy Ghost
This Show was recorded 16th April and 20th May 2013
©2013 The Home Spun Show – All Rights Reserved
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