Episode 80 – The Home Spun Sessions: Cory Seznec & Friends

Sometimes on your travels through music you find people who are on the same wavelength as you are and who inspire you with what they do. Cory Seznec is such a fine fellow. He takes Appalachian music (you know the good ol’ boy kinda thing) and mixes it with an African sensibility in a way that defies expectation. With the help of Senegalese percussionist Amadou Diagne, and fiddler Marius Pibarot, he shows that not everything in music has been done to death. Hugely enjoyable, their set captivated the Home Spun crowd!


  • The Queens of Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle were sisters who defined the sound of Indian music in such a way that they have become some of the best-selling Artists of all time. Heard of them? Why not? Because the Western music industry doesn’t see fit, perhaps?
  • The Hemphill music dynasty: A Grandfather who recorded the Devil’s own music with a bunch of hand-crafted instruments for Alan Lomax and a Granddaughter who takes the Blues beyond.
  • Another great naughty ‘Cook’ Calypso recorded in Trinidad in the 50’s.
  • We are hardcore: Riding the Motherfucking Blues with Snatch & the Poontangs. Just remember, The Jesus & Mary Chain heard it here first.
  • Check out the excellent blog Global Groove for great ‘off the radar’ African music downloads.
  • Country Death Song – The Violent Femmes inspired a new genre in music.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 80 Tracklist

  1. Lee “Shot” Williams – Welcome to the Club
  2. Herman – To the Fields
  3. Cream – NSU
  4. La Sonora Dinamita – Uli Li-E
  5. Cory Seznec – The Whippoorwill Comes
  6. Cory Seznec – East St. Louis
  7. Cory Seznec – Misty Eyed Mama
  8. Cory Seznec – Long Red Road
  9. Cory Seznec – East Virginia Blues
  10. Rahul Dev Burman & Asha Bhosle – Mera Naam Hai Shabnah
  11. Method Man & Redman – Let’s Do It
  12. Snatch & the Poontangs – Two Time Slim
  13. Cory Seznec -Chop it Up
  14. Cory Seznec – I Wish I Was in Outer Space
  15. Cory Seznec – Tell Me Little Woman
  16. Cory Seznec – Sugar Hill
  17. Chang-Kai Sheik – Naughty Boy
  18. Ronnie Dawson – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
  19. Sid Hemphill – Devil’s Dream
  20. DNA – You & You
  21. Violent Femmes – Country Death Song
This Show was recorded7th May &3rd June 2013
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