Episode 81 – ‘Hot Hands’ Solo

Our guest, DJ Mark Solo brings some true Northern grit to the show and some Chicago finesse to the house. We get the lowdown on why Daft Punk must try harder and why the Japanese have such sharp elbows!

  • We celebrate the long career and great influence of the hugely innovative Herbie Hancock. Sampled to death but still alive and kicking it!
  • Skaravan: How artists such as Roland Alphonso and Prince Buster looked to the east to find their Magic Star.
  • The first televised inter-racial kiss: the united nations of Star Trek.
  • Hanging off the rafters with Dave Mancuso and War.
  • Playing musical chairs with the 49 Americans, a band who have given us a new way to play the National Lottery.
  • Check out L’Orchestre du Montplaisant who are coming to play for us on the 2nd July.
  • Trevor Horn, Hackney born: Apples Pears and Buggles with a crack producer.
  • John gets all teary eyed over his Hawkwind album.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 81 Tracklist

  1. Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew – The Show
  2. The Kills – Cheap and Cheerful
  3. Mina – Petite
  4. War – In the Ghetto
  5. Roland Alphonso – Cleopatra
  6. Bobby Boyle – Ricky the Record Hound
  7. Orchestre Du Montplaisant – Las Cumbres
  8. Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
  9. Hawkwind – Master of the Universe
  10. Talking Heads – Seen and Not Seen
  11. Leo Zero – Magnificent Dub
  12. 49 Americans – Heritage
  13. X-Ray – Let’s Go
This Show was recorded 09th June 2013
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