Episode 83 – The Home Spun Sessions: Mak Murtíc Ensemble

It’s Jazz, Jim but not as we know it!

We are very proud to start our Autumn season of Home Spun Sessions with a stunning suite of music by young Jazz virtuoso, Mak Murtíc. His brilliant suite, “A Place Glowing a Brilliant Red” is an evocative investigation of the possibility of Mankind’s colonization of Mars, played by a 15-piece Big Band. It explores, with clarity and poise, the possible triumphs and tribulations of science and human interaction which might be encountered as a new society is created.

Unusually, we gave over the whole show to this vision in russet, vermilion and crimson, with the suite presented in full, followed by an extensive interview with Mak which covers subjects as diverse as:

  • Can technology overcome the difficulties faced by a planet with dwindling resources and a re-doubling of population every 42 years?
  • What happens when Stone-Age cultures collide with Technocracies? Re-conciling psycho-geography with the homogeneity of a dominant culture.
  • Creative Commons vs. Genetic theft for medical profit. How DNA mapping can be fascistic but can also tell the story of human migration.
  • East meets West: How Debussy was influenced by the Gamelan.

and much much more!

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Performance


Episode 83 Tracklist

  1. Budd Johnson – Playing My Hunch
  2. Mak Murtíc Ensemble – A Place Glowing a Brilliant Red (Parts 1-12)
  3. Debussy – Estampes 1: Pagodes
This Show was recorded 16th July 2013
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