Episode 85 – The Home Spun Sessions: Tarq Bowen

Up and coming Psych-Blues singer and slide guitarist extraordinaire, Tarq Bowen graces the Home Spun Sessions this week for a heavy-weight wig-out. Bowen is tearing up the contemporary British Blues scene with his killer guitar licks and highly original lyrics.


  • When Westerners interpret the quarter note scales of Eastern music, often it’s a success, sometimes a failure, but always well worth the attempt.
  • How important are words to you? Some artists can’t write lyrics for toffee!
  • Whisky all the way! Getting messy with the brothers Trice.
  • Hearing sounds in you head: How Brian Jones & John Coltrane were able to envisage what something would sound like on a different instrument.
  • The recorded version of a track should never be the final version. Keep reinventing that tune or it will become a yoke around your neck.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 83 Tracklist

  1. The Shardells – Black Crack
  2. Shankar Jaikishan – Raga Kalavati
  3. Shellac – In a Minute
  4. John Mayer & Joe Harriott – Mishra Blues
  5. Tarq Bowen – I’m Alright
  6. Tarq Bowen – Cold Town Bound
  7. Tarq Bowen – Man Like Me
  8. Feyzullah Çinar – Taralar Beni
  9. Mississippi Fred McDowell – I Ain’t Gonna Be Bad No More
  10. Tarq Bowen – Rise With the Sun
  11. Tarq Bowen – Mama Sold the Vinyl
  12. Tarq Bowen – After We Make Them
  13. Seguidillas Gitanos – El Pili
This Show was recorded 2nd September 2013
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