Episode 84 – Crass Impressions of the Queen

In true punk style Crass bring you spiky guitars and a DIY ethic on their graphics whilst bringing the Anarchist politics home with a bang. It’s a big bang too on “Big A Little A”.


  • Shark Fin Soup: Lalo Schifrin gets his teeth into Jaws.
  • All at sea: that’s where you’ll find our rubbish these days. From plastic bags to tampons, most of it floats.
  • Rockin’ on the Go-Go scene: Sam the Beast takes Washington Go-Go to another level.
  • Ol’ Frenchy gets chopped up by English: When Pierre Henry met Coldcut.
  • East meets West as Don Cherry joins tabla meister Latif Khan.
  • Surviving the mean streets of NYC with Grandmaster Melle Mel.
  • The talent of Brian Jones – how the Rolling Stones looked far and wide to incorporate other musical styles within their own.
  • When calypso meets Swing, Wilmoth Houdini toots it well!

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Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 84 Tracklist

  1. Sun City Girls – Ben’s Radio
  2. Bobby Gentry – Mississippi Delta
  3. Lalo Schifrin – Jaws
  4. Leven Signs – Our Position Vanishes
  5. Karl Denver – Zimba
  6. Mo-Dettes – Paint It Black
  7. The Toppers – Let me Bang Your Box
  8. Wilmoth Houdini & His Royal Calypso Orchestra – Million Dollar Feet
  9. Grand Master Melle Mel – Survival
  10. Sam the Beast – Gucci Dance (Oh My God Mix)
  11. Crass – Big A Little A
  12. Cabaret Voltaire – No Escape
  13. Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (Coldcut remix)
  14. Philip Cohran African Heritage Ensemble – The African Look
  15. Fela Kuti – Lady
  16. Don Cherry & Latif Khan – Rhythm 58¼
  17. Asha Bhosle – Aao Huzoor Tum Ko
This Show was recorded 19th August 2013
©2013 The Home Spun Show – All Rights Reserved
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