Episode 88 – The Home Spun Sessions: L’Orchestre du Montplaisant

Fusing Cumbia and Secousse rhythms with hints of Arabia, the fantastic L’Orchestre du Montplaisant visit the Home Spun Show this week for our live sessions. These inspirational players create a melting pot of sultry and exotic sounds which inspire reveries of distant shores and faraway adventures.


  • 40 years ago, down the local dancehalls, Stoke Newington Town Hall, The Blue Ribbon and The Flamingo people were wigging out to Ska.
  • Why West African bands named themselves after the local train service?
  • Africa speaks, America answers: When Guy Warren met Charlie Parker.
  • We check out some of the diversity of African music from Rai in Algeria to Sécousse in Congo and from Ethiopian Funk to Sega and Maloya from Mauritius and Réunion.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 88 Tracklist

  1. The Sonics – I Been Shot Down
  2. Baba Brooks – Teenage Ska
  3. L’Orchestre Tout Mopia – Mokili Mayi Ya Buatu
  4. Guy Warren – Monkeys & Butterflies
  5. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Le Prince de Babylone
  6. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – La Danza de Los Mirlos
  7. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Greeneries
  8. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Ayna Miftar Galbik
  9. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Etando Ya Mabina
  10. Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Lale Lale
  11. Joe Harriott & John Mayer Double Quintet – Acka Raga
  12. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Io Ti Amo
  13. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant –  Amandine
  14. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Masanga Ya Mbila
  15. L’Orchestre Du Montplaisiant – Samanta Tarantella
  16. Cheb Khaled & Chaba Zahouania – Ya Louyalid (Oh My Child)
  17. Salim Hilali – Monira
  18. Roger Lejuste – Col Coller
  19. Hugh Tracey – Detyetye Kusheka
This Show was recorded 30th September 2013
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