Episode 89 – The Afro Palace

Hot African night, the Afro Palace join us to promote their gig at the New Empowering Church this Friday featuring Yaaba Funk & Ebo Taylor (visiting from Ghana) and play us some super funky Afro beats for your delectation.


  • Curried Beats: the tasty Lata Mangeshkar comes with Sauce!
  • When an eccentric English gentleman tries out new ideas: The uncategorizeable work of Fred Frith featuring Bill Laswell.
  • Solid gold members only: How Errol Flynn sent a cast of his cock to his lover. Let’s hope for their sake he was well endowed!
  • When Iggy Pop met Tom Waits for “Coffee and Cigarettes”; Make sure you check out the brilliant Jim Jarmusch film.
  • Creating your own scene: How bands like the Happy Mondays took influences like ESG to create their own Madchester scene.
  • We got a hunch you’ll need to brace yourselves. John Brings the noise!

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 89 Tracklist

  1. Mongo Santamaria – Yambu
  2. Modernaires Dance Band – Abrantsie Pa
  3. Fred Frith – Same Old Me
  4. Lata Mangeshkar – 1956, 1957,1958
  5. Tom Waits – Whistling Past the Graveyard
  6. Emerald Sapphire & Gold – Erase You
  7. Happy Mondays – Tart Tart
  8. Mighty Sparrow – Congo Man
  9. Ebo Taylor – Heaven
  10. The Hunches – Murdering Train Track Blues
  11. Cyril Davies – Country Line Special
  12. Shut Up and Dance – Reclaim the Streets
  13. Comus – Diana
  14. African Brothers Band International – Eye A Na Me Mu
  15. Roy Budd – The Thief
  16. Yaaba Funk – Nyash E Go Bite You
  17. Qpambuq International Band of Ghana – My Darling
This Show was recorded 14th October 2013
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