Episode 98 – Voodoo Juju Obsession

From the heady rites of Santeria to the glitzy posturing of Catholicism, we love ritual, especially if it has a sexual edge. Whether it be  blood sacrifice, ecstatic visions, frenzied dancing, or simply cross-dressing Xango  in Christian vestments, we check out weird and wonderful musical ritual and rite.

  • Drinking vodka with Mr K – Matthew prefers Rum!
  • There are some things you just don’t tamper with – That great psychedelic masterpiece, “The Wizard of Oz” should be sacrosanct!
  • When Steven Hawkins clashed with the Vatican.
  • All about the time Simon got lucky and saw two pink moons on the motorway!

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 98 Tracklist

  1. John Bean – Mr. K
  2. James Chance and the Contortions – Roving Eye
  3. Wolfgang Press – Kansas
  4. Andre Williams – House of Bamboo
  5. Carmen Miranda – O Que É Que a Bahiana Tem
  6. Celina Y Reutillo – Rezo y Canto Pa’ Mi Ache
  7. Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio
  8. Dave Pike Set – Raga Jeeva Swara
  9. A Certain Ratio – Lucinda
  10. Masta Ace – Movin’ On
  11. Marion Brown – Once Upon a Time (A Children’s Tale)
  12. Ti Roro – Haitian Drums
  13. Th’ Faith Healers – A Word of Advice
  14. The Adverts – One Chord Wonders
  15. Roger & the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet
  16. Horace Silver – Señor Blues
  17. Lee Perry – Wishes of the Wicked
  18. Miriam Makeba – Umqokozo
  19. Kip Tyler & His Flips – Jungle Hop
  20. Nico Gomez – Caballo Negro
This Show was recorded March 4th 2013
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