Episode 99 – The Home Spun Sessions: Mazaika

From Russia with Love, Mazaika construct a mosaic of outstanding Gypsy Jazz, Balkan and Russian Folk songs for your delectation. Igor Outkine and Sarah Harrison, internationally prodigies of the accordion and violin grace Home Spun Mansions this week and it’s a feast for the ears.


  • The origins of the accordion from India to Germany and how it has influenced music from Cumbia to Appalachian Bluegrass and Zydeco.
  • How 3o’s Russian musicians were sent to the Gulags by Stalin and then their music was rediscovered under Glasnost.
  • We learn from the Edwardians how to train bullfinches to sing Glen Miller.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Slides of the Vinyl


Episode 99 Tracklist

  1. John Barry – From Russia with Love
  2. Slim Willet & His Hired Hands – Blue Eagle
  3. Roby Lakatos – Kallai Kettos
  4. Clifton Chenier – Zydeco et Pas Sale
  5. Mazaika – Czardas
  6. Mazaika – Heart
  7. Mazaika – Sirba
  8. Mazaika – Cursed Lips Dark Thoughts
  9. Mazaika – The Lark
  10. David Holland Quartet – Conference of the Birds
  11. Howling Wolf – I’m the Wolf
  12. Pyotr Leschenko – Don’t Leave
  13. Mazaika – Tainted Love
  14. Mazaika – Milonga
  15. Mazaika – Dark Eyes
  16. Mazaika – Igor’s Milonga
  17. Mazaika – James Bond Theme
  18. Igor Outkine – Smoke on the Water
  19. Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem River Drive
This Show was recorded 18th February 2014
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