Gung-ho grit on the Sausage Machine

The group played regularly at a club called the Sausage Machine, when the club’s owners, Paul Cox and Richard Roberts, formed a new indie label, called Too Pure, Th’ Faith Healers were their first release. Taking Krautrock and giving it a good squeeze ‘n’ shake, Th’ Faith Healers in full flight were a force of their own, matched to some degree admittedly by label mates StereoLab. Th’ Faith Healers had a gung-ho grit and a drive that was at odds with UK indie music in the 90’s, their sound a hypnotic groove, pounding bass, guitar noise from Tom Cullinan, vocals fighting to be heard by Roxanne Stephen  and electronics, droning and squelching – the tune “Everything, All at Once, Forever” just about sums it all up.

Th’ Faith Healers broke up in the spring of 1994. Cullinan formed a new band, Quickspace – Similar recipe, slightly more refineed.

The Can ditty ‘Mother Sky, well reworked by Th’ Faith Healers – HEAR IT – Episode 23 – The Microdot and other Matters

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