Wish You Were Here…

When you perform or make music it’s dependent on mood, emotion, context.

Everything has to be just right. Some guy glowering in the corner fucks up the dynamic, the gal who pestered you before your set fucks up the dynamic. Your landlord coming down on you hard fucks up the dynamic, some guy heckling fucks up the dynamic (or does it?)

It’s a really delicate thing, precious, almost unattainable, to gain that perfect recording or performance. Everyone working towards the same aim. Everything has to be just right for you to be able to get up and say or play what you meant to say or play in just that way that you meant to say or play  it.

We should value those moments when it all comes together perfectly beyond almost any other. When five 0r ten or three musicians get together and capture that moment you’d better listen and listen hard you lucky bastard as it’s unlikely you’ll hear it again in a hurry.

You lucky sod, wish I was there…

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