Masked – Anonymity is Ours

The Phantom
Masked persona of rockabilly maniac James Lott. James played the tapes of his wild hit, ‘Love Me’ , recorded in 1958 to Pat Boone. Pat liked it and released it on his own label Cooga Mooga. James became the mask wearing ‘Phantom’ before driving his car off a 600ft precipice, paralyzed, the career of the Phantom was no more.

The Residents
Eyeballs in tuxedos, anonymous and iconic facade of the avant-gardist American music and art collective The Residents. With the nameless band’s first musical experiments recorded, a demo was sent to Warner Bros who weren’t impressed, the rejection slip was posted back to The Residents of the return address. The band liked the name The Residents, releasing their first album in 1972, a history of experimental and deconstructed releases would follow.

Frank Sidebottom
Showman, comedian, puppetmaster and musician. Frank Sidebottom, the alter-ego of musician Mark Sievey, become a cult figure during the 80’s, releasing records, appearing on TV and touring with his stage show. Frank died penniless in 2010 from cancer, when it was reported that he’d be buried in a paupers grave a appeal was launched raising £21k.

MF Doom
Hip Hop performer Daniel Dumile, incognito, would perform at open mike events with a stocking pulled over his face obscuring his identity. Later he developed his MF Doom persona (Metal Face Doom). The mask is based on the Marvel comic villain Dr Doom and MF Doom is always seen and photographed with his mask on.

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