Morgan’s Miniature Masterpiece

A very special long player hit the racks in 1980 called Miniatures, an album of tiny masterpieces created to last 1 minute. The brain child of Morgan Fisher, onetime keyboardist of Mott The Hoople, Miniatures enlisted the talents of a broad range of artists, ranging from the contemporary avant garde elite, improvisers, poets, punks and raconteurs, all rising to the challenge of the minute time slot in their own unique style.
Here the full list of acts involved –
Ollie Halsall and John Halsey
The Residents
Roger McGough
Morgon Fisher
John Otway
Pete Challis and Phil Diplock
Robert Wyatt
Stinky Winkles
Mary Langford
Andy ‘Thenderclap’ Newman
David Bedford
Fred Frith
Maggie Nicols
Joseph racaille
The Work
Neil Innes and Son
Herbert Distel
Lol Coxhill
Ken Ellis
Steve Miller
Norman Lovett
Patrick Portella
George Melly
Robert Fripp
Andy Partridge
Phantom Captain
Ron Geesin
Alejandro Vinao
Quentin Crisp
Simon Disorgher
Ralph Steadman
R.D. Laing and Son
Trevor Wishart
John White
Ivor Cutler
Hector Zazou
Michael Bass and Ellen Tenebaum
Martin Chambers
Bob Cobbing and Henri Chopin
Dave Vanian
Gavin Bryars
Half Japanese
Simon Jeffes
Mark Perry
Michael Nyman
David Cunningham
Kevin Coyne
Etron Fou Leloublan
Neil Oram and Ken Campbell and The Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool
Pete Seeger
Morgan Fisher’s musical meanderings have found him working with a broad selection of international artists in the roles of composer, arranger and producer. He collaborated with Roedelius of the Krautrock duo Cluster, has penned tunes for Cat Power, Jose Feliciano and worked with Japanese muscians Haruomi Hosono and Yoko Ono.
Fisher’s creative interests have also taken him beyond music. Further developing the techniques of seminal experimental photographer Man Ray and Bauhaus master Moholy-Nagy to produce abstract works which he calls light painting.
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