MP3’s – Eat Your Heart Out

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Thinking back to when I first started buying records as a kid, one of the things that helped me decide what to buy that week was the graphics and sleeve designs. I thought I’d collect together a bunch of my favourite generic company sleeves for this post.

It’s a basic exercise in design: you have a square page with a hole missing in the middle so that you can see the record inside. How will you structure your design around these basic paramaters? Will you work on the diagonal? use the circle as a motif? The Square? Ignore the shapes entirely?

I’ve tried to include a wide variety of designs from different eras and nations. I think that these sleeves speak for themselves, successful designs, every last one. I’ve sometimes included multiple sleeves from the same label where they merit it. Make sure you check out the Supraphon sleeves which are all on the theme of musical instruments and are particular favourites of mine.

To those of you who think that mp3’s are where it’s at, I see your mp3’s and raise the stakes with these beautiful objects and classic designs: records in all their glory. Oh, by the way, I forgot, MP3’s don’t have a heart.

If you’d like to view these as a slide show, just double click on a sleeve…

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