Room with a MU

Another day of grafting for a pittance complete, household chores shelved, my attention is drawn away to the sound coming from the turntable in the living room.
The lp is a familiar friend, turning as it has on many occasions before. Sundown, blinds down, the room is overwhelmed by the music, there it fills the space.  Street lamps are leaking through the blinds, the trumpet stripped bare, it’s only support the drums of Ed Blackwell, a Louisiana marching beat transported, made dark continent mystical.
This is MU, Don Cherry’s melting pot for eclectic spacial improvisation, a seamless journey through ideas and styles. Clarity, from a duet so unencumbered, twisting and suprising the listener. Don’s vocal passages, authentic and nonsensical shamanistic mumblings.
The glow and a strange aura in the room of a West London flat in 2013 created by a recording made in Paris in 1969.

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