Shake a Tail Feather

Twisting styles in his vocal delivery, a true rockabilly originator and a country singer who would cover and own all the songs that he put his mark on. Like a lot of the rockabilly I first enjoyed, I came to know Charlie Feathers music through my passion for The Cramps warped take on rocking sleaze, garage boogie and b-movie meltdown. He had a name more suited, in my mind, to a cheap clown that entertains at kids birthdays, yet here he was ripping up a storm for Sun Records. Charlie had his sights set on becoming a recording artist after a spell in hospital with spinal meningitis, here was charlie sat all day listening to the local hit makers on memphis radio stations. Out of hospital Charlie set his sights on Sam Phillips and was soon to be part the Sun Studios roster.

Although charlie was soon dropped by Sun due to his stubborn insistence on combining elements of country, raw blues, and bluegrass to make his own version of the rockabilly experience he would keep toting his act and would turn in energized performances even though he suffered with diabetes and only had one lung. Charlie died in 1998, many people will know his music from the Kill Bill soundtracks, for me he’s approach to his music was as it should be, inventive and honest with a die hard belief.

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