Episode 26 – Something to Sink Your Teeth Into!

Why bite marks are only welcome in certain oh-so-sweet spots. We lay bare those places – and the not so welcome locations too!


  • “Poodles are a sign of perversion.” says Frank Zappa.
  • Simon breaks a leg on air whilst the boys have a sing-a-long to the best of UK garage!
  • Little Matthew experiences the delights of Barbarella, a film which brought the world Duran Duran and gave us space vixen, Jane Fonda.
  • The Cotique record label: Latin Boogaloo and the fine crop of players that emerged from that scene in 60’sw New York.
  • Looking at the Civil Rights movement in America – how the church fought the state for Black voting rights.
  • Peter Hammil and extremes in music – even if their music is difficult, sincerity is a driving force in music. You gots-ta mean it kid.
  • Fighting your ground to getting your music released.You have to be at it all the time to pay the bills folks! The plight of the poor musician. Private vs Vanity pressing.

Listen to the Show Here

Slides of the Vinyl

Episode 26 Tracklist

  1. Ronnie Kae and his Drums – Wipe Out
  2. Chaino – Mau Mau
  3. Roots Manuva – Juggle Tings Proper
  4. Movement Soul
  5. Little Mary Staten – Steppin’ Stone
  6. Klicky Robinson – When I Wanna See You
  7. Jammin – Kinda Funky
  8. The Mae-Shi – Run to Your Grave
  9. Moonshake – Exotic Siren Song
  10. Peter Hammil – Modern
  11. Bowling Balls From Hell – Closet Bears
  12. High Llamas – Glide Time
  13. Barbarella – The Black Queen’s Beads
  14. Frank Zappa – Dirty Love
  15. Luke Vibert – Turtle Soup
  16. The Lebron Brothers – Summer Time Blues
  17. Mita Stoycheva – Storise Khoro Goliamo
  18. Fred McDowell -Frisco Lines
  19. Kid Dynamite – Uphill Peace of Mind
  20. Tribe Called Quest – Excursions
  21. Daniel Schell and Dick Annegarn – Granvelle
  22. Calypso Mama – Yes Yes Yes
This Show was recorded 9th January 2012
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