Storms, trains, hi-fidelity and infidelity

Thunder and passion, stormy seduction, naughtiness, passing trains and ships in the night, the Hi-fi sensation of the sixties was undoubtedly The Mystic Moods Orchestra. Using a gorgeous combination of orchestral pop, environmental sounds, and pioneering recording techniques to create a unique musical experience, Mystic Moods were an aural aphrodisiac,“bugger the etchings darling, come up and listen to my new stereogram”.

A happy accident was responsible for the birth of Mystic Moods. Brad Millar a field recording expert had been producing lps of the sounds of storms, trains and ships. A San Fransisco DJ was palying one of these on his radio show and combined it with a record of Mantovani-esque strings, the response from his audiance was really positive. This great idea spurred Brad on to team up with a composer/arranger called Don Ralke the mastermind behind the William Schatner album, Transformed Man.  The first release from the Mystic Moods Orchestra was ‘One Stormy Night’ and it went down a storm, proving to be one of the most popular records with the amorous folk of the late sixties. Mystic Moods went on to produce many albums, all focused on inducing a romantic atmosphere, often illustrated by slighly naughty, nudie covers.

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