The Big Bamboo

By the late 40′s and early 50′s calypso was being sold hard to the adventurous Yankee tourist daring enough to visit the British colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
The songs were bawdy, lascivious even, and created a mythology based around jungle fever, yeah, the Spike Lee kind. This was mainly black boys with white girls. The reverse, as now, still being a taboo…
The key players on this sex scene were the Duke of Iron, Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener and The Charmer. Heard today, their tunes hold a charming balance between the downright lewd told with a convincing air of innocence hard to fake. Calypso of the 50′s is predominantly the pillow talk between the innocent but eager whitey woman and her dark and mysterious lover.
Tunes you should know about:

Duke of Iron
The Big Bamboo
The Music Lesson
Lord Kitchener
My Wife’s Nightie
The Charmer
Don’t Touch My Tomato
Mighty Sparrow
Congo Man

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