The Girl with the Golden Stockings

‘This is ground control to Sun Ra, we are receiving you loud and clear’ . It’s 1958-ish and the big hand is pointing to ‘out there’ –  ‘The Nubians of Plutonia’ a big band excursion for Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra explores the theme of Africa and it’s connection to the Infinite Universe. Originally released on Saturn Records in a plain white sleeve under the title ‘The Girl with the Golden Stockings’ it is a testament to Sun Ra and his players willingness to explore and develop new sounds and rhythms. Dig this groove brother, it’s immense and expanding. Dig them wood blocks sister and is that tom-tom working for you the way it does for me? This is really accessible stuff by Ra standards, an exotic journey, the Nubian themes are well played out, progressive re-workings of calypso and latin rhythms jig along sweetly with a dark bluesy swell from the soloists. The Watusi dance on the fringe of the galaxy, Umbopa straddles the moons of neptune, ding-dong triton, electronics transport us, Pat Patrick’s space flute, mystical and multi-faceted, sounds in flux. It’s Jazz Jim but not as we know it.

Hear the fine tune Plutonian Nights – Episode 22 – The Bastard Son of Rhythm & Blues

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