The Loop Digga

Yellow dog head with elongated pig snout. Is this Quasimoto, the Bad Character?
Quasimoto, The Lord Quas, he has a high pitched helium voice, a squeaky rapper, he’s the Loop Digga, his influence come from odd corners, Russ Meyer, the phat beats of David Axelrod and the intergalactic grooves of Jazz freak Sun Ra, the Astro Black numibian with a message for the world from deepest space but mostly the Quas sound is shaped from sampling the music created for the french animated fantasy film La Planete Sauvage, the strange OM creatures are the origins for the face of Quasimoto, the Unseen?
Quasimoto is the alter-ego of Madlib, the hip-hop producer. Experimenting with his own voice, recording it slow the speeding it up and mixing the results with his natural speaking tone, we’re entering a world record shops, beats and microphone techniques, Lord Quas is on the street, cut-up and pasted back in sketch book form. From a roof top Wildman Fisher holds a knife to his mother’s throut, from a window a bubble mouth exclaiming “FREAK OUT”, more clues, influences, this time Frank Zappa and Doris, who or what next? Peanut Butter Wolf, owner of Stones Throw Records is on hand, encouraging, getting the Lord Quas demo tapes beyond an experiment and in the position of being one of the most celebrated Hip-Hop offerings of 2000.
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