The Monkey Does Harmonies

Many people like monkeys, they think they’re kinda nice I guess. I’ve only had bad experiences myself, a really stupid monkey with dirty finger nails stole me from my parents when we were on safari in the congo. Cornelius likes them, well he likes the ones in Planet of the Apes, taking his name from the Roddy McDowall character in the film. You can hear snatched samples and sound bites from the film on the album Fantasma, audio monkey business and all part of the controlled chaos. Fantasma is a gold mine of interesting sound choices and direction changes all masterfully controlled by Cornelius, blending seemingly incongruous styles and genres, the thrill of hearing hip-hop loops morph into sheets of My Bloody Valentine guitar noise, then into sweet Beach Boys harmonies, is what makes his Fantasma such a wonder (couldn’t have put it better myself).

Fantasma done and dusted in a few lines, enter Point the follow up album. For this, Cornelius treats us to more of the same but with an ambient and exotic edge, it’s lush and builds and collapses like a roller coaster. Sounds of water droplets are used to conjure beat patterns, guitars crunch and grind, drum machines do backflips, it’s all good stuff. Listen and have fun in the time you spend with Cornelius. I once had a fine evening watching the Point live show, it was kind of breathtaking, video and live music, programmed to be as one. Also that night as an added bonus, Siren Suite got us all warmed up, Bishi and Matthew putting on a fine show from what I recall.

If you fancy a quick listen, Cornelius can be heard this Home Spun Show – Episode 20 – Brave New World

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